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Chad White

Avg Rating: 4.7

About Chad White:

Vital Stats:
Height:  6 feet (183cm)
Birthday:  Unknown
Astrological Sign:  Unknown

Fun Stuff:

Updates Featuring Chad White

Since no other hints were being taken from step brother Chad, Kyler knew he would get it once he heard his stepsis cumming thru the walls. And just like that Chad comes snooping around and finds her panties soaked and ready to cum, finally realizing her dreams of her step brothers fat cock buried balls deep inside her hot tight young pussy.
Released: 01/01/2020
103 Pics, 40 Mins

When Veronica arrived to an empty home she took it upon herself to grab her step brother Chad's shirt and take advantage of the moment to play with her hot pussy. Unknowing to her Chad just happened to be in the shower and was shocked to see her doing what she was doing. But since his cock was hard she decided to fulfill her fantasy and start sucking that meat before squeezing it inside her tight pussy.
Released: 10/16/2019
58 Pics, 29 Mins

Just recently moving into his new family's house, new step brother Chad can't help but talk about his new beautiful teen juicy chested step sister Gabbie and how it's very hard to not stare at her natural teen big tits. Little did he know she heard everything he said and decided to slip into her panties and bra and join him on the couch. It didn't take long before Chad had her tits in his mouth and his cock buried, first in her mouth and then inside that hot tight teen stepsis pussy.
Released: 08/24/2019
94 Pics, 35 Mins

Today has a big surprise for tiny step sister Aaliyah. Not only is her brothers best friend coming over, he is going to watch Chad fuck her hard and deep too, nothing too weird. Just to make sure Chad double checks everything's cool before sliding in and exploding all over her face.
Released: 04/10/2019
51 Pics, 39 Mins

Step brother Chad gets an earful from his buddy about seeing his step sister Gabriela's big tits live on cam getting naked. Unsure, Chad asks for more details which proves she is on now, in real time and has to see it first hand. Chad making a terrible interruption ends up working for him when Gabriela decides no more cam time for some real man cock cum on her tits from her step brother.
Released: 03/23/2019
60 Pics, 41 Mins

Chad thinks he is alone in the house until he hears a peep and finds stepsister Selena playing with herself. She does not slow down for a second as Chad feels a bit awkward and she says she has seen him too and would like to see his cock again. As soon has her hands are around it he is taken over with hardness and splits her young tight pussy apart until he is now watching her face get covered in hot cum.
Released: 10/24/2018
30 Pics, 30 Mins

Stepson Chad checks in with his dad in the rain while anxiously waiting to see super juicy chested and sexual MILF stepmother Reagan. She curiously greets Chad as he tries to live out his dreams and finish what they started. Not long into his attempts Reagan pulls her big tits out for Chad to feast on and fuck. Luckily for Chad every time he cums over to visit his dad is away!
Released: 09/21/2018
36 Pics, 38 Mins

Fresh new teen slut Emily accidentally sends her step brother Chad some nice shots of her young pussy, so his natural response is a pic of his cock. With no time she confesses she likes it and wants to feel it inside her. Chad holds nothing back and fucks her tight hole deep and sprays her entire young body full of cum, maybe this was no accident after all.
Released: 07/16/2018
27 Pics, 38 Mins

Tiny little step sister Paisley went for her plan, first reach over Chad and rub knee over his cock, then grab phone, run to room and start masturbating with the door open. Plan went perfect as Chad stands outside the door watching her. Before Chad can finish his call Paisley is back, hoping he got the hint and is ready to fuck!
Released: 06/11/2018
31 Pics, 37 Mins

Chad was getting beyond fed up with his MILF step mom Lauren's constant demands of things to do for her. When he finally said "no" big tit Lauren asked what she could do for him. Chad wanting to see her big tits shocked her for a second and then she obliged and in the end still commanded him how to suck her breast and fuck her hot MILF stepmom pussy.
Released: 10/11/2017
60 Pics, 32 Mins

After step brother Chad caught a glimpse of Katy's huge tits in the shower, he confessed feeling embarrassed. She happily let him know that he likes what he saw and just ask and he would receive anything he wanted. But as soon as she pulled out her huge tits and pressed his face into them, it was hard fucking from then until a massive brotherly load across her face.
Released: 03/03/2017
73 Pics, 33 Mins

Busty step mom Amber asks Chad why he is picking those flowers for his date, if they have no scent and suggest her perfect roses in the front yard, especially her tight pink flower in her special garden. After Amber lets Chad know that his young girl date will not know what to do with a body like his. She drowns him with her juicy tits and tight pussy to show what he really needs from a woman.
Released: 01/21/2017
68 Pics, 33 Mins

Super hot big tit MILF Step mother Kendra Lust has decided to give Chad what he's been taking pics of while spying on her. Little did Kendra know how much she would get off on his big cock to deep throat, titty fuck and bang for a thick facial.
Released: 11/28/2016
98 Pics, 29 Mins

Chad comes back home pre-birthday party for his step sister Lily to offer his gift for her. In her room she opens to find the white lingerie she has been wanting. Chad encourages her to wear them knowing he will be the only one wearing them and the only one peeling them off for some family hot pre party fucking.
Released: 11/23/2016
79 Pics, 34 Mins

After Chad gets a peak of his step sister Audrey enjoying some personal time, he lets her know that it is not weird. A quick apology lets her confess of her crush as well and leads Chad to pulling her panties down and tasting her tight pussy. Audrey had no problem sucking all his inches for an extra swollen cock to fuck and she savors every last drop of his cum.
Released: 11/11/2016
83 Pics, 36 Mins

Step siblings April and Chad have finally gone head to head with their sexual frustration. April just had to show her step brother how her pussy gets wet, with her toy and Chad had to teach her how a mans cock loves to fuck. April took every inch at every angle until Chad blew massive eruptions across her body.
Released: 07/01/2016
83 Pics, 32 Mins

When my step sister Shane pulled her shorts down and stuck my fingers inside her tight pussy, I almost exploded in my pants! She went to her knees and sucked my cock good, so I could slide my swollen meat inside her super young and tight pussy. Her juicy ass was looking good as I bent her over the table and fucked her deep. Shane rode my dick so fast and hard I erupted all my cum inside her hot teen puss.
Released: 04/23/2016
78 Pics, 29 Mins

It was enough flirting from my step sister Kylie, my dick was hard and she was looking good. Kylie whipped my cock out and sucked it like crazy before she hopped on and rode me. Her tiny body let me pull her in balls deep as I dug in and unloaded all my juice inside her.
Released: 03/25/2016
66 Pics, 29 Mins

Determined to help classmate, Elsa, lose her virginity, Jenna asks her sexually experienced stepbrother, Chad, for assistance. Once the vibrator touched Elsa's hot tight virgin pussy, she was more than ready for Chad's throbbing boner. As soon as Jenna wrapped her mouth around his cock it was three way fucking time until Chad shot so much cum it covered her teen pussy, belly and tits. Of course Chad had to give Elsa one more go against the wall.
Starring: Chad White, Elsa Jean
Released: 12/23/2015
96 Pics, 39 Mins

Chad’s secret obsession with watching his stepsister, Zoe, masturbate takes a seductive turn when she asks him to have a hand in pleasing her in the bathroom with both his meaty cock and her vibrating toys deep inside her hot wet pussy.
Starring: Chad White, Zoe Wood
Released: 10/24/2015
64 Pics, 33 Mins

After Alison’s husband stands her up on their fifth anniversary, her handsome stepson, Chad, swoops in to save the day.
Released: 10/02/2015
57 Pics, 32 Mins

Jessica made sure we could smell our cute step sisters cock craving pussy down the hall, so we knew the only thing to do was tear open her young tight pussy with our brotherly hard cock and shower her with hot cum.
Released: 07/24/2015
50 Pics, 30 Mins

Sydney Cole abandons her innocence for a moment of passion, lust and taboo sex.
Released: 06/19/2015
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We knew she wanted cock but after watching her sweet ass in panties, we were gonna tap super cute Chanell today! She opened wide right away and sucked our meat as her young pussy was soaking and ready for dick. Chanell took every inch of white meat and all the sauce across her juicy ass.
Released: 04/03/2015
78 Pics, 35 Mins

After spying on our slutty step mom's huge tits, while she changes clothes, we finally got confronted by Maci and she demanded we slide our bulging cock thru them. She deep throated our meat and sat her big ass on top fucking us good until we dropped loads of cum all over her juicy melons.
Released: 03/27/2015
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After waiting all day to be left alone with our huge juicy melon step sister Mary Jane, she was already working her hot pussy up waiting for our throbbing cock. We feasted with her big tits and fucked that tight hole until we exploded all over her heavenly chest.
Released: 03/14/2015
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Willow's secret obsession with her stepbrother, Chad, comes to a head when he asks her to help him study for a class he's failing.
Released: 01/23/2015
78 Pics, 34 Mins

We didn't expect to be balls deep inside our step daughter Rahyndee James, when we walked in on her rubbing her tight juicy pussy. But, we all get to get our point of view as we buried our cock into her tiny hot hole for a massive explosion all over her hands.
Released: 01/02/2015
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Damn we knew 2015 was gonna be a great year it started off with a Hot tight teen bang! Our hot step sister cheerleader Jillian Janson finally is ready to give her sweet teen present that's hidden behind her white soaked panties that we peeled off to lick up her sweet pussy juices thru her juicy ass. Our cock was never so nervous, sliding into her tight hot hole as we fucked, all her juices kept pouring over our meat until we exploded all that cum onto her face and hungry mouth.
Released: 01/01/2015
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When we walked in on our step sister Rahyndee James filling her wet pussy with her pink vibrator, we didn't expect it to turn into our hard cock plowing thru her hot tight pussy. Rahyndee was so cock hungry she wanted to gag all day on it but needed our hard stiff inches to split her pink hole apart and cum across her chest.
Released: 12/06/2014
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Our cocks been throbbing for our step sister Julie Kay, especially her huge juicy tits that seem to always give us a tease. Julie had them out waiting for us to wrap our mouth around her tits before she stuffed her hot mouth with our meat. She spread wide on the counter and we dug in hard with our balls slapping her pussy as we dined on her nice melons until she sucked out our huge load of cum and spread it all over her tits.
Starring: Chad White, Julie Kay
Released: 11/28/2014
86 Pics, 38 Mins

At the blink of an eye our step sister Cosima Knight had her mouth wrapped around our cock and got a little shy again. Too late for that we tasted her sweet pussy juice and started fucking her hot tight young pussy good. Her wet pussy had us sliding in and out rapidly until we exploded our whole load inside her pink love hole.
Released: 11/15/2014
64 Pics, 27 Mins

Aurora's (Cassidy Klein) hidden attraction for her step brother (Chad White) reaches a breaking point when he sets out to beat up the guys harassing her at school.
Released: 10/31/2014
67 Pics, 31 Mins

It's about time we walked into our step sisters room Alexia Gold and caught her fingers deep inside her cute little teen pussy. She was so worked up she didn't care that we were step bro and sis, actually that made her wetter and our cock harder. Licking up her sweet pussy juice and Alexia swallowing our pole could of been enough but, we had the house to ourselves, so we fucked all day and covered that cute face full of cum.
Released: 09/30/2014
105 Pics, 35 Mins

A nude photography project explodes into a sexual affair when Chad asks his stepmother (Shay Fox) to pose naked for him.
Starring: Chad White, Shay Fox
Released: 05/15/2014
75 Pics, 32 Mins